Bodley 2014, Round 2 Take 2

So Kevin (the Benildus Bodley B captain amongst other things) was looking over the post on Round 2 and noticed that 51.Rf1 looked a bit odd and suggested it might be a transcription error. So I went back over my scorepad and yes indeed, it’s a transcription error – it should have been Rg1, not Rf1. Which doesn’t transform the endgame into a paragon of clean planning and elegant execution, but does make it a wee bit less embarrassing. Transcription errors – who’d have thought such a small change could be so important?

Transcription error...

Transcription error…

I also did a bit of tweaking on my SCID-vs-PC LaTeX report code to better detect the scores in annotated games and the analysis graph is now a lot better than it was before – it had been registering any move with an annotated comment as a 0 because it wasn’t detecting the correct score:

Round 2 analysis graph

You can still see the same trend (okay play punctuated by punished mistakes), but it’s got a lot less staccato now. So, here’s the updated Round 2 game:


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